Aamir Khan Peekay Movie, Actor all set for his upcoming movie!

Rajkumar Hirani’s Peekay movie is one of the most anticipated movies of 2014. Peekay movie actor Aamir Khan is one more all set to accept the challenging role in the Rajkumar Hirani’s next film.

We surely know about Aamir Khan, when it comes to challenges, the Bollywood actor leaves no stone unturned. Our sources have revealed that the actor has done the challenging role without any inch of cloth on his body.

Aamir Khan in PK (Peekay) movie First Look

So far no Bollywood actor has dared to go bare for his movie. But, we all know Aamir Khan and his spirit towards his movie roles.

When Dhoom 3 actor accepted the role, the cast of Peekay movie was quite surprised with Aamir’s decision.

The Bollywood perfectionist Aamir with his recently released movie Dhoom 3 has proven one more time why he called perfectionist. The movie has broken almost every record in terms of Box office collection.

One of our insiders has revealed the upcoming Peekay movie plot/story, in Peekay Aamir is playing a role on an Alien, who decided to land up on planet earth with his own choice. In the introductory scene, Aamir would be seen in without clothes.  

Guys, if you remember in Terminator 2: Judgement Day Hollywood flick, the actor Arnold Schwarenegger did the same.

In the leaked Peekay movie stills, Aamir Khan could be seen in a saree and the obvious reason behind, Khan wearing saree is because the Alien doesn’t know what to wear.

The sources also revealed that, Peekay movie director Rajkumar Hirani wants to keep the naked scene. But, the only debate was whether the Mr. Khan would do the scene by himself or his duplicate would do it.

After a lot of debate, the Aamir decided to do the introductory scene by himself. He accepted the scene as a challenge, while shooting Aamir was not nervous at all.

The Peekay movie actor Aamir Khan is all set to set new benchmarks in the Bollywood industry. We wish him great luck and a great success at the Box office collection. Stay tuned with us for more news and gossip. 

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