Ajay Devgan, Kajool wants to Eliminate Tanisha Mukherjee

There have been lots of things going inside the Bigg Boss 7 house. There were many news reports about Tanisha and Armaan affair, Salman Khan being bias towards Tanisha Mukherjee and many more.

There were also rumors that Tanisha Mukherjee’s sister Kajol and her Jiju Ajay Devgans wants to eliminate her from Bigg Boss 7 house.



One more time news has been sparked up by the media that Ajay Devgan requested Bigg Boss 7 team and Salman Khan to eliminate Tanisha from the Bigg Boss house.

There were news that Salman, who is good friend of both Kajol and Ajay is bias towards Tanisha in the Colors TV reality show.  

Now there are reports that sister Kajol and Ajay Devgan is making pressure on the Colors Channel and Salman to evict Tanisha. Tanisha’s sister Kajol who is not happy with the current image of Tanisha in the Bigg Boss also wants her to get out the show.

 Recently there were leaked pictures of Tanisha and Armaan kissing, also according to a news daily, this couple was caught ‘no-clothes’ on the cameras.

 If sources to be believed, the already going love story of Tanisha and Armaan is spoiling the image of Kajol’s family.

The show had already witnessed Salman Khan warning Tanisha to be aware of the Bigg Boss 7 cameras. But it seems like the not so famous Tanisha wants to grab all the limelight.

Tanisha, who got into limelight after her allegedly affair with Armaan Kohli but it looks like the extra media attention is working against her public image.

However, according to sources, the Colors channel is not listing to Ajay Devgan’s request. As the affair of Armaan and Tanisha is helping the show to gain more TRP.

Now, after the return of Kaushal Tandon in the Bigg Boss 7 house, the Colors TV channel has cleared who is the real boss.

The channel has already given a strong clue that Salman Khan is only the host of the show who can bring his known friends to the Bigg Boss house. But, it’s up to channel to decide whom to bring and whom to eliminate from the show.

Now, it would be interesting to see this week Saturday Ka Wow episode.  Stay tuned with us for more gossip. 

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