Ajay Devgan wants Tanisha Mukherjee to leave the Bigg Boss House

Recently, we have mentioned about Tanisha Mukherjee sister Kajol and her Jiju requesting Colors TV and Salman Khan to eliminate Tanisha Mukherjee from the house.

But, it seems like Channel which is enjoying high TRP from Tanisha and Armaan affair were not interested in Ajay Devgan’s request.

Furious Ajay Devgan wants to evict Tanisha Mukherjee

Now, things got more controversial when furious Ajay is upset with Viacom production house.  The reasons behind this are quite oblivious.

If rumors to be believed Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan is trying very hard to evict Tanisha from the Bigg Boss 7 house.  The Bollywood superstar is very disappointed with his sister in law Tanisha’s behavior in Bigg Boss 7 house.

After getting disappointed response from Viacom, the Singham star has threatened production house that either the production house listen to him or else he will never work with the production house again.

According to a report published by one of the Bollywood website, that if they want to continue their association Ajay Devgan than they make sure Tanisha gets eliminated.

We have noticed Tanisha Mukherjee is currently sick and suffering from fever and requesting for medical team again and again. Though, the scenes were missing from daily episodes. So is this a strategy by Bigg Boss 7 to evict Tanisha from the Bigg Boss 7 house?

After the recent Kissing leaked pictures of Tanisha and Armaan, Ajay had spoken with Salman and production house. Now, when the things are running away from Ajay Devgan’s hand, the actor has taken a strong stand against Viacom.

 It would be interesting to see if makers of Bigg Boss 7 will let go Tanisha in upcoming episodes. The interesting part would be how they will evict Tanisha?

Stay tuned with us for more gossip and news. 

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