Diandra Soares is Pregant, Eliminated from Bigg Boss 8 House

Bigg Boss house, TV personality and model Diandra Soares is reported to be pregnant. And if sources are too believed, after hearing about Diandra’s pregnancy, host Salman Khan has created a scene on the set of Bigg Boss at Lonavala.

A source reveals, “Salman is very miffed with Diandra’s pregnancy news. He clearly stated to the creative teams of the show who were present on the set; that he do not want to be a part of the show anymore. He also said that Bigg Boss is a family show and such kind of incidents seriously put a question mark on the actor’s credibility.”

Talking more about this incident, source further reveals, “Salman Khan is very upset and asked the makers to throw Diandra out of the show. The makers have accepted Salman’s words and finally Diandra is out of the show.” Stay tuned with us for more news and gossip with Missmahi.com. 

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