Dumbest Bollywood Chic Award Goes to Alia Bhatt !

Since Alia Bhatt appeared on Koffee With Karan chat show, the Bollywood actress has been limelight, not for her style or acting talent but because of her dumbness.

Social media websites, Facebook & Twitter are filled up with Alia Bhatt meme. Since her appearance in Karan’s chat show, the Bollywood chic has emerged as the new blonde in the Bolly-hood.

The dumb chic has defintaley defeated Sonam Kapoor, who was earlier crowned as the dumb chic of Bollywood.

Here we have featured few dumb moments of Alia Bhatt !!

1. Haha isn’t it funny, the Bollywood hot chic thought that the president of India is ‘Prithvi Raj Chauhan’ ! Guess, she watches extra TV shows.

2. Her next dumb blunder was, when asked the full form of BJP, her reaction was Straight face !

3. In an interview, when asked about her ambition in life, when she was younger. Alia replied that she wanted to be a driver (we know its hard to believe).

4. Alia’s biggest fear while walking a ramp is ‘Kahi main gir na jaaon’.

5. Bollywood blonde Alia Bhatt even doesn’t know how many states are there in India( She has done 2 States movie and roamed around half of India, while shooting). Her reply on this question was not surprising to us !!

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