Engine Ki Seeti Se Mharo: Khoobsurat Movie Song Copied from Rajasthani Folk Song!

It looks like Bollywood music directors and composer will continue to steal music from un-popular songs. With Bollywood movies releasing every week, we hardly get to hear fresh music these days. The list of copied Bollywood songs is very definitely very big.

The latest to add in the list is the song “Engine Ki Seeti Se Mharo Bum Dole”. The makers of Khoobsurat 2014 movie have released the Khoobsurat 2014 trailer.

If you will watch the trailer, you will hear a song “Engine Ki Seeti Se Mharo” in background.

Engine Ki Seeti Se Mharo Bum Dole

After listing the background song “Engine Ki Seeti Se Mharo Bum Dole” we were quite impressed with the song lyrics, and we were quite curious about music director and composer.

But, when our Bollywood team did some researched we discovered the song “Engine Ki Seeti Se Mharo Bum Dole” is another copied song from one of the Rajasthani folk song already available on Youtube.

We are not sure if the makers of Khoobsurat 2014 movie have used the full song as another item song in the movie or not.

But, it certainly proves the point that Bollywood music director and composer has ran out of fresh lyrics and composition.

Also, we haven’t heard the full song from the movie yet but the only difference in the Khoobsurat 2014 trailer background song and currently available song on Youtube is the word “BUM”.

Don’t forget to watch the song “Engine Ki Siti Mein Maro Man” below !!

Let’s wait and watch what the makers of Khoobsurat 2014 movie has to say about this? Stay tuned with us for more Bollywood news and gossip.

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