Is Aamir Khan Guilty and Should Apologize?

Last time, when Aamir Khan was in news when he made his comments on All India Bakchod video, the Bollywood actor really had a tough time after that.

Now, Mr. Perfectionist – a crusader fighting against all societal evils is back with another controversy. People on social media have started calling Aamir Khan for being a hypocrite.

If you are wondering what went against Aamir Khan or is it some marketing stunt to promote his upcoming movie. Don’t scratch your brain, because we will give you complete picture.

If you remember back in 2002, Aamir Khan had this super-reality show Satyamev Jayate where the Bollywood actor tried to fight with all the evil things of our society and featured it in his reality show on Star Plus.


The reality show was a big hit and everyone enjoyed watching the show, in his one of the show. Aamir Khan had pointed fingers on integrity of doctors and threw light at some illegal activities and scams prevalent in medical world.

His efforts were much appreciated by TV audience and other section of our society. The actor turned social-activist put a light on drugs and medicines which are sold without any perception and description.

Though, medical fraternity didn’t enjoy the limelight and blamed Aamir Khan for targeting them and defaming the doctors.

Now, it’s hard to believe a person who is fighting against social evils on TV shows and mentioning about in his all public appearances, one does not expect the same person to go back on his words and endorse a brand, which has been sneakily selling drugs without prescription. Right Mr. Khan?

For those who don’t know Aamir Khan is a brand ambassador of Snapdeal, which was found guilty of selling drugs and medicines without description and prescription by doctors.

It’s hard to believe; who is famous for being Mr. Perfectionist can endorse such brands who sell medicines without prescription.

And, if Aamir Khan tries to defend himself by saying, he wasn’t aware of what kind of brands or products are sold under ‘Snapdeal’, then he better be ashamed of himself, because he started promoting a brand without even knowing much about it.

We know it’s hard for Aamir Khan Fans to digest this news and will gave all arguments to protect Mr. Perfectionist. But, going by the Aamir Khan’s logic, we expect him to apologize for his act from his fans.

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