Mishti upcoming movie with Salman Khan

Recently released Subhash Ghai’s movie Kaanchi didn’t do very well at the box office. But, movie has certainly brought luck for the Kaanchi movie actress Mishti.

If news sources to be believed, one movie old Mishti is all set to do another Subhash Ghai movie along with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. 

Mishti aka Indrani Chakraborty says her recent movie criticism has made her stronger and wiser in just one weekend.  

Mishti upcoming movie with Salman Khan

“It’s is said, what can’t break you makes you stronger. These last few days have matured me. Its amazing how one weekend can change one’s entire life. Today I feel stronger than I did earlier. I think I’ve grown up.” She added.

“That’s one year of my life. During the last one year I did nothing except Kaanchi. It was my life. Now there is a feeling of disappointment at the way some critics have responded to the film and my presence. There is also a vacuum within me, as I’ve nothing else lined up at the moment,” says the Bengali girl Mishti.

According to Kaanchi movie actress, her comparison with Bollywood actress Aishwarya is unfair. According to her she is just one film old in the Bollywood industry and is learning from her experiences.

She also praises Subbhas Ghai and says he is so lucky to have a mentor like him. The actress has 3 movies agreement with director Subhash Ghai.

Salman Khan’s upcoming movie with Mishti has been confirmed. However no official announcement has been made when the shooting will start. 

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