Why Aamir Khan not promoting Dhoom 3 ?

Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3

Apart from being Bollywood perfectionist, Aamir Khan is also very good in marketing his movies. No doubt Bollywood pundits are fan of Aamir marketing skills. But, the biggest question that is buzzing in our mind is why Aamir Khan is not promoting the most anticipated movie of 2013.

We all know Aamir surprise us with his marketing talent every time his movie is about to hit the screens. In the past he came up with some of the very brilliant ideas to promote his movies around the nation.

If you remember at the time of 3 Idiots release, how the Bollywood actor got into many different avatars and surprised us. But, it seems like the marketing skills of Aamir Khan has soften now.


According to our khabaris, Aamir will not promote Dhoom 3 as aggressively as he did in the past with his movies. Our sources also mentioned that Bollywood perfectionist will not be visiting Television reality shows to promote his next action thriller.

The reason behind this is that the Bollywood actor wants his movie to leave impact on audience and do the talking. So, no extra marketing stunts to promote the movie.

We think playing cool and smooth Aamir new secret marketing funda to promote his upcoming flick.

If you guys remember Aamir did use the same funda in his last movie, Talash and it did work like a charm for him. We hope this plan work for him this time also. Dhoom 3 will release on 20th December, the movie also features Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra.

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