Aamir Khan PK News: Movie in Trouble for hurting religious sentiments!

It seems like Aamir Khan along with his upcoming movie PK is in trouble for one more time. An FIR was registered against Bollywood perfectionist along with the makers of the movie for hurting religious sentiments in Delhi.

The whole problem started when makers of PK were shooting a scene in Chandani Chowk area, where a man who was dressed up in costume of Lord Shiva was pulling rickshaw in which two Muslim women were seating.

Earlier, crowd near the shooting area thought, the actors are from Ram Leela party and are here for rehearsals but when the crown noticed big cranes and camera they enquired about the shoot.

A big crowd intercepted the actor who was wearing the Lord Shiva costume. A police person who was doing his duty nearby the shoot area also enquired about the issue. Later, three PK actors were taken to the nearby station.

One of policeman said, PK’s director Raj Kumar Hirani and Aamir Khan have been named in the lodged FIR.


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