Bigg Boss 7: Salman Khan fans reacted on Social Network

Salman Khan who always remains in controversies for his statement, the Bollywood Dabang one more time got into trouble in last night Bigg Boss 7 eviction episode.

We all know Salman always talks more than his given script, his outspoken nature got into him trouble many times. The favorite host of Bigg Boss 7 Salman Khan disappointed Bigg Boss 7 audience in Saturday;s night episode.

We have seen Salman giving long speeches on moral every weekend. He always tried to sort out things between the Bigg Boss 7 contestants and clear any issues.


But in last night Bigg Boss eviction episode, we saw Salman Khan being extra bias towards Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli. We all know Salman is a very good friend of Ajay Devgan and Kajol.

But, that doesn’t mean Salman will take stand out for wrong things. Last night’s Bigg Boss 7 eviction episode started when Sallu bhai, started bashing Kushal Tandon for his behavior against Tanisha Mukherjee.

The Dabang actor reprimanded Kushal right, left and center.  When Sallu bhai asked Tanisha about the incident, the not so famous Bollywood actress replied in her defense and said, she was agitated by Kushal’s provocation.

Every Bigg Boss 7 follower clearly noticed Salman Khan being extra nice towards Tanisha in the show. When, the news of Tanisha and Armaan affair start buzzing around in the media, the Dabang star did warn the couple.

Salman clearly stand out for Tanisha and slammed Kushal Tandon for his indecent activity against women.

We have only one question to ask, why Salman Khan didn’t notice Tanisha’s activity when she pushed Kushal. While this conversation is going on, Tanisha Mukherjee was busy shedding tears.

This weekend Salman Khan was in a totally different mood, the actor blasted everyone from Gauhar to Kamya.


Gauhar Khan, who always supported her good friend Kushal couldn’t stop her and called the Dabang star “unfair”. Hearing this, Sallu bhai lost his control and asked Gauhar not talk while he is talking with others in rude manner.

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Gauhar too lost her temper after this and she said Tanisha also said many bad things about her character in the show which was never shown on television.

Right after the episode, media and online magazines called Salman Khan ‘Biased’. Even the fans of Salman Khan reacted on all the social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Bigg Boss 7 audience was shocked when the host of the Bigg Boss 7 didn’t say a single word to Armaan Kohli, when he used all the slangs against Bigg Boss 7 contestants and especially against Kamya.

If Salman wanted to preach “Respect Woman” lesson to others, than he shouldn’t have reacted in such a rude manner with Gauhar Khan.

Now Salman Khan is trying to clear the situation on Twitter and explaining why he reacted in such a bad manner. Well, whatever is the reason was, if Salman wanted to slam Kushal for his bad behavior, than he should have done the same against Armaan Kohli.

No doubt, Salman Khan is biased against these two contestants as these are connected to famous Bollywood families which are also good friend of Salman. Now two new wild card entries Candy Brar and Azij Khan joined the show. Lets see what controversy they will add to the show. 

We hope Salman will explain everything in the next eviction episode. Do leave your comments about Sallu bhai’s behavior. 

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