How to Grow Thicker Hair: Easy Homemade Tips

Grow thick hair with these easy steps

Every female wants thick hair, especially when hair loss problem is very common among females. One can simply go for hair treatments to grow thicker hair.

Also, one can increase intake of certain foods in their daily diets to avoid hair problems.  You can also follow these easy homemade tips to grow thicker hairs.


How to Grow Thick Hair


This should be included in your daily diet. Wholegrain contains rich amount of Vitamin B, Zinc and Iron ore which helps hair to grow thicker. There are different types of Wholegrains that can cure hair loss problems like broken wheat, bajra, ragi, barley, buckwheat, oats and rajgira.

Brown Rice

It has elements like Zinc which is a very important element for thicker hair. One should include Brown rice in their diets to prevent hair loss.


A rich amount of Protein, Biotin, Iron and Zinc is found in Lentils. These elements can give you healthy scalp.


Green vegetables like spinach contain Zinc, Folic acid and Vitamin A and C. Green vegetables should be included in your daily diet. Spinach is not only good for thicker hairs but it is also good for healthy living and keeps you physically fit.

Sweet Potatoes

It has Beta-cartone which is converted into Vitamin A later in our bodies. This converted Vitamin A gives healthy scalps and eliminates hair problems like dandruff.


Beta-carotene, an antioxidant that is strongly present in carrots promotes thick hair growth. Carrots also promotes healthy scalp and brightens up dull locks.

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