Indian Beauty Tips and Secret – Natural Beauty Ideas

Indian natural Beauty is famous worldwide. There is no one in the world who can deny this fact. Every female around the world want to have Indian beauty and wants to know the beauty tips and secret.

Think about an Indian woman, the first thing that hits in our mind is a woman in traditional Indian dress, with long hairs and clear skin. Are you searching for Indian beauty secrets and wants to add those natural tips and ideas in your life? Continue reading this…

Indian Beauty Secrets

The secret of Indian beauties lies in their natural homemade beauty ideas. Generally Indian woman tries all the desi nuskha (homemade ideas) for glowing skin. Here we are going to talk about those ideas and secrets.

Beauty Secrets & Tips

  1. Amla Oil: English word for Amla is gooseberry. Amla contains rich elements like Vitamin C, which is good for healthy hairs. Amla oil is also used to get rid of scalp.  The oil also helps in growing thicker and healthier hair. If used daily, the oil can help you to get rid of any hair problem.
  2. Besan: It is also known as Gram flour or Chickpea flour. Besan is often found in Indian kitchens and used by almost every Indian beauty for skin treatment. If you have oily skin, try using besan scrub as it will help and remove extra oil from your skin. Besan can be also used as soap when mixed with Milk.
  3. Haldi: The popular English name for Haldi is Turmeric and one of the famous spices used in Indian kitchen. The yellow color Haldi has its own role in Indian culture. It is also used in wedding rituals for glowing skin. The ritual is known as ‘Haldi Rasam’, where Haldi is rubbed on the bride and groom body to purify blood and soul. It is also used as an antiseptic for skin treatment.
  4. Kesar: Also known as Saffron, a very expensive Indian spice. Kesar is only grown in parts of Kashmir valley. The orange and red color spice is often given to pregnant woman to raise their body temperature.  The expensive spice is also used for skin treatment and for glowing skin. Kesar can also lighten your face color and gives you a fair complexion.
  5. Gulabjal: Gulabjal also known as Rosewater is prepared from roses. It is often used as fragrance. Apart from being used as a perfume, it is also used as skin toner and relaxants. If you have dark circles, try using rosewater under your eyes to get rid of dark circles. You can also add this rosewater in homemade scrubs for effective results. 
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