Makeup for Hazel Eyes – Try These Easy Makeup Tips

Hazel Eyes – Best Makeup Tips

If you are reading this article you must be having Hazel Eyes and want to learn what eye makeup will look best on your eyes. We know at times makeup for hazel eyes can be tricky. Now put all your questions to end and continue to read on…

Try these Makeup ideas for Hazel Eyes.

The first step is applying a proper base under your eyes before you start your eye makeup. A base is required for any kind of eye makeup.

Makeup Ideas for Hazel Eyes

If you are worried about pimples or dark circles under your eyes, we suggest you to apply concealer on them. Once you apply concealer on the affected areas under your eye, we will move to the next step.

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Other important thing to keep in mind is to apply your favorite eyelid primer. This eyelid premier will keep your eye makeup intact.

For those females who have light brows, we recommend fill them with black brown or brown pencil. Chose pencil color according to your brows color.

Now, the next important step for hazel eye makeup is choosing the right eye shadow which match perfectly with your hazel eyes. You have to be very careful while picking the eye shadow color.

We recommend using eye shadow colors like brown, purple, peach, deep green and golden. You can also use a neutral color but try using strong eyeliner to add extra focus and definition on the eye color.

You have to be bit tricky by first applying a light or medium color all over your lid. Blend this with the crease of your eye. Followed by the dark color you want to apply on your eyes.

Make sure you blend this perfectly into the crease of your eye.

Now, apply the second lightest color on the area above the crease and blend this light color with the dark color into the crease of your eye.

In the final step, apply the lightest color palette to brows bones. Once you complete all these steps, blend all the four colors properly.

Now, use brown eye liner on your eyes. Take an eye liner which matches the shape of your eye. 

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