Perfect Eyebrows for Your Face Shape – Beauty Tips

Eyebrows Shape for different Faces

Eyebrow shapes can play a vital role in your overall beauty. Let’s be true to ourselves, we all know Eyebrow shapes can either make you look stunning or break your complete makeover.

You should be always very careful while picking an Eyebrow shape for your face. For example, an Eyebrow shape for oval face will not look good on flat faces.


So, if you are wondering which Eyebrow shape will look good on your face or thinking about which Eyebrow shapes to avoid.  Simply follow one basic rule; you should always pick an Eyebrow shape according to your face shape.

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Our Fashion experts will help you to pick perfect Eyebrow for your face shape.

Find Your Face Shape

This is the first step toward the perfect Eyebrows shape. Basically, face shapes are classified in six different shapes.

  1. Oval Face: The shape of oval face generally has cheekbones and forehead is bit wider than the chin. It also has narrow oval chin.
  2. Round Face Shape: The round faces are wider at cheeks and forehead and cheeks are also wide.
  3. Long Face Shape: The face shape of Long faces has same width of forehead, cheekbones and jawline  They have a narrow oval chin line
  4. Square Face Shape: Jaw line, Cheekbones and forehead has almost same width. But a very obvious squared jaw line can help to easily determine the face shape.
  5. Heart Face Shape: They are very common and much similar to oval shape faces but one thing which differentiates heart face shape is the chin, which tappers to a point.
  6. Diamond Face Shape: Though, this time of shape is not very common. Face is widest at the temples, and forehead is bit short. Giving it a diamond shape.
Eyebrows for Your Face Shape

Face Shape

How to Find Best Brows for Your Shape

Eyebrows for Oval Face: The oval shaped faces females are very lucky because they can try variety of different eyebrow shapes on their faces. The proportionate face shape is the reason behind it.

Eyebrows for Square Face: It is always recommended that females who have square face should generally have bigger brows. Our fashion experts also suggest the same thick eyebrows which can be done by either waxing or threading. This helps to give a more natural look to your face.

Eyebrows for Round Face: Those who have round faces, we recommend to go for arched eyebrows to give an oval look to your face. The arched eyebrows helped the eyes and face look more attractive.

Eyebrows for Long Face: Our fashion experts recommend flat eyebrows shape for long face. A flat arched eyebrow can work like charm on your face.  Jenny McCarthy is a perfect example of flat arched eyebrows.

Eyebrows for Heart Shaped Face: Females who have heart shaped face can go with round arched brows. The round arched eyebrows will help to soften the pointed chin. Follow Kim Kardashian eyebrows style. 

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