Skin Care Tips for Winter Season

Winter is coming and you should be more careful about your skin care. With the days getting colder each day, many of us face winter skin problems like dry skin and sunburn.  We have compiled a list useful skin care tips for winter season to battle winter this year.

Skin Care Tips for Winter Season
  1. Drink Water: Generally in winter we don’t drink water compared to summer season. Our body gets dehydrated in winter and cause problems like dry skin. Drinking as much as you can should be on your top priority.  This useful tip is very simple, so drink water to save your skin this winter.
  2. Creamy Facial: In case you use a normal face cleanser, it’s time to buy a new cleanser which has extra cream. Most of the female doesn’t know cleansers which are generally used to remove make up also take away moisture from our skin. When use normal face cleanser in winter this cause extra dryness. To take care of your skin, use creamy cleanser this winter.
  3. No Extra Sun: As we all knows sun rays are very useful for our skin. But, just because you are shivering doesn’t mean you will spend extra time getting tanned. To protect your skin, it is always recommended to use sunscreen thirty minutes before you leave your home.
  4. Lips are Important: We often noticed ladies generally pay extra attention taking care of their skin and forget about lips. Like our skin, lips to get dry in winter and requires extra care. We suggest you to carry lip balm in your bag, so whenever your lips get dry or temperature drops don’t forget to apply lip balm.
  5. Avoid Hot Showers: We all enjoy taking hot showers in winter season, but this is not very good for our skin. Instead of taking hot showers, we suggest to use lukewarm water to take good care of your skin and gently rub your skin with a towel

With this little skin care tips you can beat this winter. Don’t forget to let us know which tip you are using for your beauty skin. 

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