Sunny Deol plays Bheem in Mahabharat!

Bollywood first Holy Scripture animated movie, Mahabharat will have voice over done by the Bollywood’s biggest celebrities.

According to our news sources, the voiceover for the character “Bheem” will be done by the Gadar fame actor Sunny Deol. He will be seen playing the Bheem character in the animated movie.

Our sources also revealed that Sunny wants Bheem character to have same muscular body as Sunny Deol has. He wants animated character to have big biceps as this will give animated character a real look and also, the animated character will look much similar to Sunny.

Apart from adding muscular body and huge biceps, the Bheem animated character will also have other attributes of Gadar fame actor.

Mahabharat will be the biggest animated movie in history of Bollywood. Also, this will be the first time when Hindu mythological characters will be animated.

The maker of Mahabharat says, the movie is being made for the young generation to get familiar with the Hindu’s history. As this will be the best way to acquaint kids with the Hindu’s ancient times.

Mahabharat is produced by Jayanti Lal Gada. He says, the movie team is working hard to give all the animated characters a realistic look. We are already very excited about Sunny’s new character in the movie. We wish him great success and luck with his new Bheem character in the movie.

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