Winter Skin Care Tips: Problem & Skin Tips

Winter Skin Problems & Skin Tips

Winter season has finally arrived; you have to be extra careful towards your skin and other winter season problems. Winter season problems like dry skin, cracked heels are very common. The dry skin problems of the face, hands and feet are every woman dread.

Skin Care Problems & Tips

Worried about winter problems and looking for skin tips? The following Skin care tips will help you.

Winter Skin Care Tips

  1. A Creamy Facial Cleanser: Generally, most of the ladies use cleanser to remove makeup from their skin. When used these cleanser, also remove moisture from our skin. It is always recommend using a creamy facial cleanser, especially in winter. If you have same dryness problems in summer, try using a creamy cleanser.
  2. Apply Moisture: Our fashion experts especially in winters to use body lotion right after the shower. This will help moisture to lock in your skin.
  3. Avoid Hot Showers: We all take hot showers in winter, but most of us don’t know the fact; hot showers wreak havoc on dry skin. Instead of hot shower, try taking a lukewarm water shower.
  4. Avoid Skin Care Products: We recommend avoiding such skincare cosmetics and products, which contains high quantity of alcohol.  When used such products, they generally feel cool and nice after evaporation. But, they strip away moisture from your skin too. These skin care problems are very common during winter.
  5. Feet, Elbows and Knees: Just like our skin, our feet, elbows and knees also requires a lot of care during winter seasons. We recommend using products like mineral oil, tea tree, jelly and shea butter. Use moisture products like these especially in nights for a better relief.
  6. Drink Water: In winter, we generally don’t feel thirsty and thus drink less water but, our body requires same amount of water. Always drink at least 1ltr water daily. Stay tuned with us for Winter Skin Care Tips & Care. Don’t forget to comment, your skin problems and your ideas for skin care. 
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