DIY NO SEW ELSA COSTUME, Kids Halloween Costumes 2014

Most Popular Halloween Kids Costume – DIY NO Elsa Costume

With Halloween 2014 round the corner everyone is busy shopping for the best Halloween costumes. We all know finding a perfect costume for Halloween each year is hectic job and many don’t like it.

There is one thing which we usually don’t do it on every Halloween that’s making our own Halloween costume. Every year we run shop to shop right before 2- 3 days in search of a perfect costume. But, this year we have decided to make our own COSTUME. And we will go with the most popular costumes of 2014, Queen Elsa.

And, we are sure you must be having few frozen characters in your home who are excited to wear Queen Elsa costume on this Halloween.

Before we get ready for Happy Snow Queen, we require following supplies in order to get started with DIY Elsa Costume. This required material is available at Michaels.

DIY NO Elsa Costume Supplies

The Top

– White T-Shirt

– Turquoise Soft Matte Fabric Paint

– Paint Brush

– Sequins

– Martha Stewart Glitter Finish

– Fabric Glue

The Skirt

– 2 rolls of White Glitter Tulle

– 3 rolls of Turquoise Tulle (BOGO all week I believe!!)

– Scissors

– Turquoise Ribbon (elastic would actually work better)


  1. Its okay if you are not an artist, all you have to do is to draw a line on a white t-shirt where you want to fill the blue color.
  2. We recommend you to use fabric color to paint the white t-shirt with blue fabric color and allow the t-shirt to dry.
  3. In the third step, you have to now cover the blue painted area with golden glitter. Apply a thin coat of golden glitter and allow it to dry.
  4. In the next step, use the fabric glue to adhere some sparkly sequins. Allow to dry t-shirt for some time.
  5. Now we are done with top part of No SEW ELSA costume.

The Skirt

If you are making this dress for your daughter, make sure she is around you as we need her.

  1. Wrap your ribbon around their waist and also add 10 inches so we can also add a pretty looking bow in the back of ribbon. We recommend our users to always use elastic instead of ribbons, as they are easy adjustable and can fit easily around any waist. You can always user ribbon for ELSA costume.
  2. In the next step, measure the length of the skirt make sure its lengthy enough and double it. We ended up cutting all the tulle into 50″ strips.
  3. In the final step, you just fold the tulle in half and do a slip knot around your ribbon at the back. We used 3 turquoise strips then one white…do that with all of your tulle until you have a big enough skirt to cover them all the way around. The tighter you push the knots together the fuller the tutu skirt will be.

And, we are done with NO SEW ELSA COSTUME. But, don’t you think something is missing? Every Elsa costume is incomplete without a crown. So we need Anna Frozen Crown to match with her costume.

To make snow queen crown we require following Supplies:


– Plastic Tiara

– Jewels

– Metallic Gold Spray Paint

– Tacky Glue (hot glue is also fine)


  1. To start with crown, you need add couple light coats of spray paint on your Plastic Tiara. Let the spray paint dry away and glue your jewels on it.
  2. And you’re done with your Elsa costume for Halloween night!

Don’t forget to tell us how you like our article. Stay tuned with us for more exclusive DIY Costumes for this Halloween 2014.

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