How to Protect Skin in winter with Homemade Remedies?

As the winter season is knocking doors in India. It feels pleasant to get rid of irritating weather of summer. But most important is to make your skin ready to face the sudden weather change, specially the face.

With our exclusive homemade remedies for skin, you can try and beat down winter with your beautiful skin.

In winter season skin needs special care. The best practice to protect skin and face is to maintain the moisturizer throughout the day. Moisturizer creams are available in the market but these can cause side effect to human skin also they are bit expensive to spend money on.

So the better alternate is to make such a good moisturizer at home. Generally, these homemade moisturizers are made from all natural stuffs which are easily available in your kitchen. With the easy to made homemade moisturizer, you can surely save your body skin from winter.

Here, we are giving you a cool idea to make a moisturizer cream at home using cucumber and curd and protect your skin in winter without any hassle.

We all know Cucumber is a skin friendly vegetable. It contains minerals, which are must for human skin specially your face. It has compounds to tighten pores and reduce inflammation of the skin.

Cucumber face pack is also helpful in minimizing puffiness around the eyes. Here is a small and easy recipe to make Moisturizing face pack at home.

To make this moisturizer, take a fresh cucumber and peel it. Make slices of it and mash it in a glass bowl. Now take equal amount of curd and mix it in cucumber paste.

Mash it again to make thick paste. Add half tablespoon of olive oil and 3-4 drops of lemon juice in this mixture.

Apply this thick paste to you face. Cover your eyes with cucumber slices and leave for at least 15 to 20 minutes. After this remove the paste from your face and wipe off using a soft cotton towel. You can wash your face also but don’t use soap.

Now, it’s time to go out and flaunt your beautiful skin without the worries of winter season

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