Jai Ho Movie Review: Salman Khan Wins Heart Again!!

Salman Khan’s much awaited movie Jai Ho finally released today in around 4300 screens. Being the 2014 first biggest movie to release on Box office, everyone was following the release closely.

Now when SalmanKhan’s starrer Jai Ho finally released one thing is clear the Bollywood Dabang has his best performance in the film, comparing his last five movies.

Jai Ho Movie Review

If we talk about Tabu, the actress has done her job pretty nicely and sleekly, even the direction is fairly good.

Jai Ho Movie Review

Jai Ho directed by Sohail Khan was trying hard to produce one blockbuster movie with his brother Salman Khan. It seems like his luck has finally clicked with Jai Ho.

The movie starts with Salman Khan (Jai), who is playing the role of an ex Indian army officer. Jai was court martial by the army during a terrorist operation when he didn’t follow his senior officers’ commands.

Later the army officer Jai started working as a car mechanic. The interesting part of the movie starts when he starts helping people who are in trouble.

In the first half of Jai Ho movie, Jai played by Salman Khan helps a disabled student (Genelia D’Souza).

Jai helped her by writing her exam papers. In the favor of help Jai doesn’t take ‘Thank You’ instead he starts requesting people to help three other people who are in trouble.

According to Jai, this how they can form a ‘Godness’ chain.

There comes the twist in the story, when Jai (Salman Khan) challenged one of the politicians played by Danny.

The story might remind you last year’s Sunny Deol’s and Anil Sharma movie ‘Singh Saab The Great’ as most the movies has pretty much same plot.

However the story of Jai Ho has huge potential and that was the reason why ‘Stalin’ turned out to be a blockbuster movie in the South Indian cinema.

We somewhere felt the movie screenplay lost its track couple of times.  Jai Ho has some very powerful touchy dialogues but also sometimes go overboard.

The film editing was done perfectly and kept audience engaged.

Talking about the music of Jai Ho, we are not very impressed with whatever the music composer tried in the film. We were expecting the same kind of tunes but it seems like the music composer failed big times.

The only song we liked in the movie is ‘First Class’.

Salman Khan who has returned almost after two and half years has given his best shot for Jai Ho. The actor has one more time proved his acting skills to all the Bollywood critics.

Surely, the Dabang star can act and fight in style. The Bollywood Dabang has maintained his character throughout the movie.

However we are pretty disappointed with the Jai Ho actress Daisy Shah and other supporting cast which includes Danny, Yash Tonk, Sana Khan and Bigg Boss 6 fame Shukla.

Till now we didn’t understand what actually they were doing in the movie.  The actress Daisy Shah didn’t act at all in the film.

We believe instead of casting her as the lead heroine. Salman should’ve signed her for only an item song.

Director Sohail Khan did his best to keep it all tight and kept audience engaged. Nevertheless it was all Salman Khan in the movie. The director had tried hard to add comic stuff but didn’t manage to it completely.

We see Salman Khan from start to end, and this is what Salman;s fans want to see. Now the big next question that comes in our mind is what will be the first day box office collection of Jai Ho.

Will Salman Khan’s Jai Ho will break all the previously set Box office collection records one more time?  It would be hard to say, as the movie is released in a non-holiday season.

We have to wait and watch how the Jai Ho will perform on Box office. Stay tuned with us for Box office collection reports and news. 

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