Kick Movie Critic Review and Audience Response & 1st Day Box Office Collection

Kick Movie Critic Review and Public Response & Expected 1st Day Box Office Collection

Salman Khan’s movie Kick is all set to break box office collection records this year. Releasing this Friday, (25th July, 2014) on EID occasion. Salman Khan’s Kick movie will be releasing over 4500 screens worldwide.

On Thursday night, in a special premier of Kick movie, the Bollywood critics have given 4.5 stars. But, one thing we would like to tell our readers is no matter what Bollywood critics says about Salman Khan’s movie. His fans will miss any movie of Sallu Bhai.

Kick 2014 Movie Critic Review, Public-Response  & Expected 1st Day Box Office Collections

In the past many Bollywood critics have said many things about Salman Khan’s movie being taken from South industry.

But, one thing is that everyone will agree on is Salman Khan, carries his own magnetism and charm on-screen. The actor can surely takes the burden of whole plot on his shoulders comfortably.

Everything he does on screen is followed by his long list of followers.

Kick 2014 Movie Critics Reviews and Public Response

Talking about What Bollywood critics says about Kick 2014 movie. Salman Khan’s KICK movie story starts with a train journey, where Shaina (Jacqueline Fernandez) meets Himanshu (Randeep Hooda) a Police officer from India, for an arranged match.

 Shaina shares her past with Himanshu telling him about her ex-boyfriend Devi Lal Singh (Salman Khan) and his passion for ‘Kick’. She tells everything to Himanshu from her romance to his madness, until one day Devi Lal decides to break up with Shaina for a new kick.

Himanshu, being a police officer shares his adventure stories with Shaina and tells he finally met his perfect match.

What they don’t know is that their stories have one thing in common — Devil. He returns back into their lives under a new guise of having lost his memory. Behind it all is a deeper mystery and an uncompromising mission.

Talking about Salman Khan’s presence in movie is excellent. The movie got everything which was missing in his last movie ‘Jai Ho’ released this January.

Producer Sajid Nadiawala has done his best to make this movie larger than life. Every shot of the movie is eye-catching, crispy and luminous. From set location to action scenes, everything looks perfect.

The high octane action scenes in the movie will give you an international movie feel. The train stunt of Kick movie is already the talk of town. Also, the chase in Warsaw, with Salman driving a bus, makes you gasp in disbelief.

The supporting cast of Kick movie – Saurabh Shukla , Sanjay Mishra, Vipin Sharma , Archana Puransingh, Kavin Dave, Sumona Chakravarti has done their part excellently.

We can’t ignore the performance of Randeep Hooda. The Bollywood actor performance remains with you throughout the movie. This can be a biggest compliment for any Bollywood actor working in Salman Khan’s movie.

Bollywood critics have also praised the power pact performance and talent of Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The actor has done his role superbly well in the movie.

Overall the Bollywood critics have rated 4.5 stars a full paisa-wasool movie from Salman Khan. We are now looking forward for the 1st day/opening day box office collection of Kick movie.

Kick Movie Expected 1st Day Box Office Collections

Salman Khan Kick movie Opening day box office collection will surely be breaking box office collection records this year. With a huge fan following not only in India but also in Pakistan, UAE, UK and USA. 

We will see Salman Khan’s Kick movie box office collection will generate a big income from overseas market too.

According to our expection, Kick movie 1st day box office collection will be around Rs 38- 40 Cr at domestic box office. Also, it is expected Kick movie opening day box office collection in overseas market will be around Rs. 15 Cr.

Overall total box office collection of 1st day will be around Rs 53 Cr.

It would be interesting to see, what box office collection records Kick movie will break this year. Will it be the fastest earner of 2014 or not? We have to wait and watch.


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