Beintehaa: New Twist in the Colors Serial

Colors TV serial Beintehaa is seeing new twist every day. With the entry of Barkat (Dimple Jhangiani) and romance scenes between Zain (Harshad Arora) and Aaliya (Preetika Rao). The serial is getting extra TRP these days.

Recently, we have seen the enemies turned friends Zain and Aaliya is on a mission to put Mir Khan behind the bars for his past deeds. The Abdullah family believes that they have Barkat (daughter of Naveed and Suchitra) with them, but the truth behind the story is totally different.

Beintehaa serial Zain & Aaliya

Future story of Beintehaa serial will show, Barkat will go and meet Mir Khan while going for Dargah pray for UsmaanAbdullah’s health. While in meeting, it is then revealed that Barkat (Bobby) is the real daughter of Mir Khan and she is not real Barkat.

Later, Zain and Aaliya also reach at Mir Khan’s house to get him arrested for attacking Usmaan Abdullah. But, seeing Barkat (Bobby) there both Zain and Aaliya gets shocked.

Bobby then tries to cover up by saying she that has come there to give Mir Khan a piece of her mind. 

In his rescue, Mir Khan tries to convince Aaliya that he is innocent, but she ignores him and get him arrested.

Later, Bobby hires a lawyer and gets Mir Khan out on bail, who will leave her a voice message on the phone.

Now, accidentally takes the phone and hears the conversation between the two. Will, Aaliya confirms its doubt about Barkat in the upcoming episodes? Well, we have to wait and watch. Stay tuned with us more news and gossip.

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