Bigg Boss 7 Elimination: Elli Avram Eliminated Today

Who will be eliminated today in Bigg Boss 7 house?

The latest Bigg Boss 7 participant to get eliminated today is Mickey Virus and Salman Khan’s favorite Elli Avram. However, the news is not very shocking and everyone was expecting Elli Avram elimination.

You will have to agree on this fact that she is one of the sweetest and cutest participants of Bigg Boss 7 house.


Bigg Boss 7 Elimination

The firang actress joined the Bigg Boss 7 house with lot of positivity and to mark her presence on the TV and Bollywood screen. We have seen the cute Elli neither taking part in Bigg Boss 7 politics nor throwing tantrums in BB house.

We have also witnessed how Salman Khan is being extra sweet towards her and developed a soft corner for Elli right from Day 1. Sallu Bhai also never hesitated to promote Elli’s Mickey Virus movie on small TV screen.

Even at times when other Bollywood celebs visited the sets of Bigg Boss, Salman always praised Elli in front of them.  On the other hand, Miss cutie of BB house also singing romantic songs for our Sallu bhai.

The hot Elli Avtram has not left any chance to charm Salman Khan.

This week Ajaz Khan, Sofia Hayat, Andy, Elli Avram and Tanisha Mukherjee were in danger zone.

Everyone was quite confident about VJ Andy and Tanisha not leaving the house. Ajaz and Sofia are being quite entertaining in the show since their joining. So we were only left with Elli Avram, as the Mickey Virus actress was not adding spice to the show.

Now, the actress is finally out everyone is waiting to see Salman Khan and Elli Avram together in a Bollywood movie.

Will our generous Sallu bhai is going to help Elli Avram to become next Katrina of B-Town? Only Salman can answer these questions.

Stay tuned with us for more gossip. 

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