Confession of Indian Teenager First Episode – Channel V New Show

Confession of Indian Teenager Channel V new show first episode featured a 17 year old young boy Vebhav Sharma, who is pretty upset with his life.

Vebhav Sharma, is a below average student in his class and the young always tries to run away from the difficult situations.


Channel V New Show

Channel V new show ‘Confession of Indian Teenager’ story is based on the problems of Indian teenager. Channel V new serial will show Vabihav Sharma confessing about his problems.

The young boy will also talk about other teenager’s problem during his journey in the new show ‘Confession of Indian Teenager’.

The first episode saw Vaibhav trying to escape from his problems and according to him the best solution is committing suicide.

First Vaibhav, tried to jump from the buildings apartment but drop the idea as he though the height of the building is not sufficient.

Later, the young boy decided to hang himself from the roof top and again drop the idea considering the fan couldn’t be able to take his weight.

Vaibhav Sharma, has been often insulted by his teacher in front of class. His class teacher keep taunting him just because of his poor performance, the school can never reach 100% result.

The young lad is pretty disappointed with himself and couldn’t take more insult. He ran away from his class and reaches on the top of the college building.

Vaibhav, thinks about jumping from the top of the building but drops the idea as he think height of the building is short. To check the building, he throws a watermelon from the top.

Unfortunately, it fell near one of the teacher who was passing by. The bad day didn’t get over yet, after reaching home. His father also scolds him for low marks and start comparing him with his elder brother who is good in studies.

The young Vaibhav Sharma, has a keen interest in Arts and Design and has a crush on his teacher ‘Gauri’.  He finally decides to commit suicide by consuming sleeping pills.

He somehow managed to get sleeping pills from the medical store and consumes all. His parents take him to hospital when they realized this but everything goes in Vain as Vaibhav Sharma is no more.  

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