Gauhar Khan Celebrates her Birthday Twice !

Gauhar Khan, one of the strongest participants in the Bigg Boss 7 house celebrates her birthday twice. Season 7 of Colors TV reality show Bigg Boss 7 is full of controversies and fights.

Recently, we had seen Bigg Boss 7 host Salman Khan asked Gauhar Khan, Armaan Kohli and Kaushal Tandon about their age. The model turned TV celeb Gauhar promptly replied and said she is 29 years old.


Gauhar Khan

However, Gauhar forgot she had already celebrated her 29th birthday two years back. It was bit awkward, when she admitted that she is 29 years old. Even, Armaan Kohli lied about her age.

It seems like while answering Salman’s question, the TV celeb had forgotten about her 29th birthday that she had celebrated on a reality show two years back.

Quoting news published in news daily, the report says, Gauhar Khan has already celebrated her birthday and it was funny to see she was hiding her real age. If she didn’t lie in the Bigg Boss 7 show, than she had lied two years back in another reality show.

The report also revealed that in 2003, the TV celeb had married to movie maker Sajid Khan and later they parted their way.

If Gauhar is 29 years old, than her admission says she got married in the age of 19. Wow, isn’t that an interesting fact. Well, only Gauhar can tell us what’s her real age. 

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