Gauhar Khan vs. Salman Khan vs. Bigg Boss

After the recent controversy in Bigg Boss 7 house between Kushal Tandon and VJ Andy. It seems like there is a lot of going behind the scenes, which was never shown to TV audience.

Currently there are lots of rumors that Salman Khan, the host of the show is not happy with Bigg Boss team. Salman, bashed every contestant, especially Kushal last week for not behaving well with Tanisha.

After the episode got over, fans of Salman Khan reacted on almost all social networking websites. It was clearly seen Salman fans were not happy with him when Sallu bhai was extra biased towards Tanisha and Armaan. The show has recently added two more wild card entries Candy Brar and Ajaz Khan to the Bigg Boss 7 house.


Kushal Tandon Gauhar Khan in Bigg Boss 7


Earlier there were lots of rumors about Tanisha that Ajay Devgan has requested Salman to eliminate Tanisha from the house. The affair of Tanisha and Armaan could be noticed by everyone even outside the house.

Now, extra drama is added to the show when Kushal was evicted by Bigg Boss for getting physical with Andy. The lady love of Kushal Tandon, Guahar Khan also walked out of Bigg Boss 7 house to support Kushal.

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The Star Plus actor Kushal got upset with Andy during the ‘Ignore the Contestant’ task, where Andy took personal clothes of Gauhar and flaunted in front of Gauhar and tried to embarrass her.

Kushal couldn’t control his anger and charged towards Andy and got physical with him. This lead to Kushal eviction from the Bigg Boss 7 house. The lady love of Kushal also decided to walk along with him. Gauhar also fainted during her exit.

Gauhar was disappointed with Bigg Boss team and called them bias. According to latest rumors Bigg Boss and his team convinced Gauhar to return to the house.  But Lady Starlet with her stubborn nature insisted she would only join the house if Kushal too was invited again in the show.  

She will join the show today but on one condition that Kushal will also join the show after couple of days.

But, now there is another twist in the story, Salman Khan, host of the show is not agreeing for Kushal’s return back in the house.

According to sources, Salman said, if a contestant gets physical with other contestant, he is disqualified. Kushal bodily pushed Andy. He will therefore not support Kushal’s return under any circumstance.”

Salman has already mentioned that he will not host the next season of Bigg Boss.  But, we as an audience would like to know why Salman didn’t react when Tanisha touched Kushal.

Why Salman was biased towards Tanisha Mukherjee, just because Tanisha is sister of Kajool and belongs to Bollywood family. Recently the Tanisha and Armaan kissing photos got leaked on internet.

Even he didn’t say a single word to Armaan Kohli, who abused every girl in the house. Why Salman Khan’s ethics, moral doesn’t see this behavior? Tones question are asked by audience. But, none to reply.  Let’s wait and watch what happens next. 

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