Jodha Akbar: Jodha decides to return to Agra

A lot of things going on since Jalal realized that he was in love with Jodha. Recently, Jalal (Rajat Tokas) has hired a new finance minister. Right, after hiring a new minister, Jalal realizes that there is a big fraud going on under his eyes.

The emperor has ordered to eliminate all the pilgrimage taxes paid by Hindus. Jalal has also ordered his trustworthy ministers to look for all the corrupt ministers and soldiers, who have been taking bribe.

Jodha Akbar – Zee TV Serial

The upcoming episodes of TV serial Jodha Akbar will also show Akbar forgiving Jodha’s (Paridhi Sharma) sister. Jodha’s sister, Shivani has run away from her wedding day to live with her lover Tej. Her lover is just a common man.

Earlier, Shivani was to marry Akbar’s brother Mirza. After, Akabr realizes the true love between Shivani and Tej. He decided to forgive him and let them free.

When Jodha get to know this news from sources, she was quite surprised with his husband’s action and also feels proud on Akbar.

In the upcoming episodes of Jodha Akbar, Jodha will realize that she has given enough punishment to Shahenshah. She decides to return to Agra.

When Akbar gets to know this news, he was very happy. He also arranges a grand event to welcome Jodha. We will get to see some love, romance in the upcoming episodes of the serial.

Off course consummation scenes are the new trend of small screens. We have already seen many show makers following the same trend.

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