Kushal Tandon Returns to Bigg Boss 7 House

Bigg Boss 7 is heating up since the exit of Kushal Tandon exit after his fight with Channel V VJ Andy in the Bigg Boss house. Kushal Tandon was evicted last week when tried to push Andy.

Kushal’s lady love Gauhar Khan also decided to walk along with him after his eviction. Gauhar blamed because for being bias towards Tanisha Mukherjee. The show is already been in news for Tanisha and Armaan affair. Recently, Salman Khan also slammed Bigg Boss 7 contestants but later the dabang star has to face his fans reaction on social media.


Later, somehow Bigg Boss convinced the TV starlet Gauhar Khan to return to the house, but the stubborn Gauhar agreed only on one condition that her buddy Kushal will also return to the house.

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Now, the time has finally come when Ek Hazaaron actor Kushal may return to Bigg Boss house.

Currently, he is in Lucknow on the eve of Diwali and celebrating the festive season with his family. According to latest news, the Bigg Boss ex contestant has been approached by Bigg Boss show makers.

When approached Kushal the Star Plus actor said, “Yes, I am in talks with the channel but I don’t know if I am getting back tomorrow. Let’s wait and watch. But I do know that there is a strong public demand of me getting back in the house. They are even signing petitions for me.”

When questioned about Gauhar Khan return to BB house, the TV actor said, she is his best buddy and both of them stood for each other in tough situations. Kushal also asked Gauhar to return to Bigg Boss house as she has to pay 50lakh penalty to the channel.

Kushal also told media that he and Gauhar are good friends, “We are good friends and nothing was fake about our relationship. We are fond of each other and what happens next between us, is for time and destiny to say.”

So, will we see a new Kushal Tandon in the Bigg Boss 7 house? Let’s wait and watch how the contestants of Bigg Boss react this time after Kushal’s return to the house.

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