Paakhi and Anshuman shoots Romance Sequels in Life Ok’s Serial

It looks ‘Love in Air’ for the Life Ok serials, after romantic episodes of Gustakh Dil and Kaisa Yeh Ishq. The channel is focusing their attention on another popular Life OK’s serial Tumhar Paakhi.

Soon the viewers of Tumhari Paakhi serial will see a consummation sequence between Anshuman(Iqbal Khan) and Paakhi (Sharaddha Arya) in the upcoming episodes of the serial.

In the upcoming episodes of Life Ok’s serial, Paakhi will take another challenge to impress Anshuman and will make him fall in love with her. Later, the couple will be seen making love to each other.

Tumhari Paakhi Serial – Life Ok

The romantic scenes promos of Tumhari Paakhi could be already seen during the commercial breaks. The final episode will be aired on April 28, 2014 in a special episode.

Talking to the producer of the show, Sumeet Mittal says, I believe people are really attached to Anshuman and Paakhi and were eagerly waiting for them to get along with each other. I am sure their closeness and bonding as husband and wife will create a lot of excitement amongst the viewers and will give them a contented feeling.”

 He also added, “Also, we can’t keep all good things in one episode especially in the case of Anshuman and Paakhi, they haven’t got anything easily. So we have added a little twist for the viewers which they will see in the upcoming episodes.”

 Paakhi serial actress Shraddha Arya and actor Iqbal Khan said they were very much comfortable while shooting romantic scenes between them. They also said the audience will enjoy the upcoming episodes of Tumhari Paakhi.

Life Ok;s serial actress also added, “The promo is looking great and we have been receiving good feedback. I am sure the consummation scene will click with the audience and will be very well accepted.”

After watching the promos, we may soon hear Paakhi getting pregnant in the serial. But there might be also chances that the makers might have different story in their mind.

Well, we have to wait and watch. Stay tuned with us for more news and updates.

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