Paridhi Sharma to Quit “Jodha Akbar” Serial?

There is so much going behind the scenes of Zee TV’s serial Joda Akbar and in Paridhi Sharma (Jodha’s) life. Paridhi, who is playing the lead role of Jodha in the Jodha Akbar had reported a harassment complaint against, director Santram Verma.

The Zee TV actress had reported that the director has sexually abused her. She has also threatened show makers that she will quit the show, if no one actions will be taken against Santram Verma.

Later, the producer of the show Ekta Kapoor, tried to calm Paridhi Sharma and assured her strict actions will be taken, if the director found guilty. However, the director of the Jodha Akbar show said, he is clean and bad things are done to hurt his clean image.

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There were reports earlier too that which claimed, Paridhi was sexually harassed by the director Santram. Apparently, Mrs. Sharma is not only the victim of harassments on the sets of Jodha Akbar.

If reports to be believed Ankita Dubey, who was earlier the part of the show, was too a victim of Santram harassments.

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Though, in a interview Santram denied all the reports saying, All these are just rumors and there’s is no truth to it. I’ve not physically abused Paridhi or anybody in my entire career. Paridhi and I are just professionals and we are here to just do our jobs. We don’t even talk to each other, nor I’ve ever spoken to her on the phone so how can I molest? We have a team who co-ordinates with her for the shoots and all.”

”In fact I don’t even shoot her (Paridhi) scenes as Paridhi was close to the group who walked out of the show. They used to brain wash her as their only aim was to stop the shoot. So I always avoid shooting with her and have always maintained distance from Paridhi as I don’t want any clash.”

Now after Santram quits the show, the whole drama took a twist. After Paridhi threatened to quit the show, the producer of Zee TV’s show has decided that Santram has to leave the show.

If the news is true, will it affect the TRP of Jodha Akbar or not? We have to wait and watch. Stay tuned with MissMahi for more Bollywood news and TV gossip.

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