Leaked: Tanisha and Armaan Kiss Pictures Goes Viral on Internet

Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli Kissing Scene caught on Cam. 

The romance of Tanisha and Armaan is heating up with every passing day. The Bigg Boss 7 jodi, who have been caught on cam several times getting cozy with each other are caught one more time on cam while they were kissing each other are back in news again for their kiss. 

We have already seen last week, how Salman Khan tried to protect Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli and smashed all other Bigg Boss 7 contestants. The Bollywood Dabang star had already warned Tanisha and Armaan to keep a distance with each other.


But, it seems like the couple is enjoying the attention from the TV audience and want to remain in news headlines.

The leaked picture of Tanisha and Armaan kissing shows, the couple kissed each other when the lights of Bigg Boss 7 went off and when other contestants were sleeping.

The not so famous Bollywood celebs Tanisha and Armaan are in news for quite some time for their affair. Even, the contestants of Bigg Boss 7 have mentioned this fact several times on the show. And, now the leaked kissing photos of Tanisha and Armaan have proved everyone right.


Tanisha – Armaan

We have noticed Tanisha Mukherjee is more interested in Armaan Kohli, as despite of Armaan scolding Tanisha many times in the show, the not so famous Bollywood actress keeps hanging around him.

Also, there were rumors about the show that Ajay Devgan wanted to eliminate Tanisha from the show as she is destroying the image of their family. It would be great to see Kajol’s reaction on Tanisha affair.

Let’s wait and watch how the favorite host of Bigg Boss will react to these leaked kissing pictures of Tanisha and Armaan. Will he again save the not so innocent Tanisha. Stay tuned with us for more Bigg Boss 7 latest news and gossip.




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