Who Will Be Eliminated from Bigg Boss 7 Today?

Who do you think will get eliminated today?

We know this question is in every Bigg Boss 7 show followers mind. There has been a lot of drama going on in Bigg Boss 7 house from past couple of weeks.

From new wild card entries to Kushal’s eviction to Salman Khan smashing BB contestants. Though, all controversies are only good for the Bigg Boss 7 TRP.


This week only four contestants are in danger zone. The four contestants which are nominated by Bigg Boss 7 housemates are Sangram Singh, Ajaz Khan, Candy Brar and Sofia Hayat.

Ajaz Khan and Candy Brar joined the BB house as wild card contestant followed by Sofia Hayat.

Ajaz after joining the house tried hard to add more tadka to the show and succeeded also. Though, he got also involved in fights with Armaan Kohli.

The not so famous Armaan Kohli is continuously abusing housemates. Earlier, Armaan and Tanisha affair was the hot topic of the BB house. But, this week we noticed Armaan also disrespecting Tanisha Mukherjee.

This week, Armaan also got involved in a verbal fight with Sangram Singh. The wrestler still seems to be confused which party to join in Bigg Boss 7 house. We have noticed Sangram, being loyal to VJ Andy but is he his real buddy or Andy too playing the game?

The wild card contestants Candy Brar and Sofia Hayat are also in danger zone. However Candy Brar seems to be missing in action. We wonder if Candy really exists in the house.

The British model Sofia Hayat, always seems to be running in front of camera and trying to seek attention is certainly giving show higher TRP.

So chances are quite high that on Saturday’s eviction, Candy Brar might be leaving home. Do leave your comments who will be leaving Bigg Boss 7 house today?

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