These Weird Male Dominated Outdated Laws Will Make You Think Again !!

The year 2014 is about to end in few weeks and we are a heading towards 2015. But there are still many questions in the world which are still unanswered. Women equality is one of them. We all talk about Saudi Arabia laws which don’t permit women to drive cars. We all know these outdated laws still exist in this world. And, law makers are much insecure about females enjoying same right as male.

We have brought some of the outdated laws which still exist in many countries. We bet this laws will make you question about the world we living in.

  1. The male dominated nation of Vatican City does not permit women to divorce and vote.
  1. Women in Turkey cannot hold a job without their husband’s permission.

This has led to only 29% women in the work force.
  1. You thought that was horrible? Women in Yemen can’t leave home without their husband’s permission.
  1. Women in the Asra village of U.P., India, are not allowed to visit the market, and use of cellphones is strictly prohibited.

The panchayat of Asra village in Uttar Pradesh prohibits women below 40 years of age to visit the marketplace and from owning a cellphone.

the guardian
  1. Iran females are not allowed to watch football matches.

Apparently the sight of men in shorts, and rowdy masculine behavior could instill feelings of lust and desire. Perhaps men should be banned from public, so women can wear whatever they please.
  1. Single and skydiving on a Sunday? Not in Florida!

Single, divorced and widowed women are not allowed to skydive in Florida. Why? We don’t know…
  1. In Swaziland, only one gender is allowed to wear the pants.

Women in Swaziland are not allowed to wear pants. Skirts and dresses are great but nothing beats the comfort of a pair of jeans.

  1. Adjusting stockings in public places in Dennison, Texas, and Tennessee could get you 12 months behind bars.
  1. Women in Vermont cannot wear false teeth without the written consent of their husbands.
  1. Patent leather shoes are a no-no in Cleveland, Ohio.

This is because men could catch a reflection of a woman’s private parts due to the shiny finish.
  1. Hairdressing is taken very seriously in Oklahoma.

Women require a license from the state before doing their own hair.

Don’t forget to share with us, if you know any male dominating outdated laws. Stay tuned with Missmahi for more Bollywood news and updates. 

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